Media Center

  • Welcome to the Antioch Elementary Media Center!

    School Library Media Coordinator: Kimberly Kovach, B.A., M.L.S. 

    Updated library checkout procedures beginning 10/26/2020

    Students will use hand sanitizer upon entry to the media center and upon dismissal. 

    Students in kindergarten and first grade may browse while social distancing.  They will select from a menu of choices  (favorite topic/author/series).  Students may view books out on tables and then make choices.  Mrs. Kovach will check out books and students will return to tables to read or do other library activities. 

    Students in grades 2-5 may either put a hold on a book in Destiny (non- media weeks) or browse the shelves and do self checkout using social distancing and safe practices during Media Class.  Books placed on hold will be pulled and delivered to students by Mrs. Kovach. Directions on how to hold books is HERE: 

    Open checkout in the morning is still not happening while the library is used for daily health screenings.  

    Teachers may schedule a time for classes to come just for checkout when the media center is not used for classes.  Please email Mrs. Kovach to schedule. 

    *** Students in grades 2-5 may place 2 books on hold and check out 2 at a time. Students in K-1 may check out 1 book at a time this year. ***

    Virtual Academy and fully remote students: At the present time, students opting to learn fully remote will need to utilize our many e-book resources for independent and pleasure reading, or they may opt to utilize public library resources. 

    Students have access to eBooks on multiple platforms.  Information is available in all Media Canvas Courses. 

    Stack of booksDESTINY (look for a book or e-book)      Connect online to the Antioch Media Center Media Center Google Site 


    Media Resources (find much more on the Media Center Website- the link is above!)


     Coding for kids  Coding Sites and Activities- - Allow students to utilize abbreviated resources without creating an account.  Great preview of what can offer. Activities include Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, Flappy Bird and Angry Birds.

    Tynker -All activities are leveled for K-2 or 3-5, includes teacher guides and tracks student progress

    Bitsbox - Students can make their own “apps” and explore their coding superpowers!


    Third grade Students play here! 

      4th grade

    Google Site for 4th Grade Research

    A Book and a Hug- What Kind of Reader Are You?

     5th grade

     Fireworks 4th and 5th grade Winter Reading Contest-  Keep checking for the next contest!  This is an optional contest open to any interested 4th and 5th grader at Antioch Elementary!   Please print the form and return to Mrs. Kovach by the deadline.  


    Book Trailers for NCCBA Jr. Book NomineesWatch these to learn more about each book!  Scroll down to pg. 32 to find the Junior Book List, Information about the suthors, and more!!

    Winter Reading Challenge Participants! reading challenge winners


    Summer reading SUMMER READING 2020- Book Lists and SO MUCH MORE!!!!