Media Center

  • Media Center Mission Statement

    The New Salem Media Center will provide an environment for learning and reading enjoyment. It will offer a variety of reading materials and computer resources that support the curriculum at all grade levels. Books for pleasure reading will be available at a variety of reading levels. Students will enjoy using the Media Center and consider it an integral part of the school. They will care for the books and materials, which belong to each of them.


    • The Media Center is open for circulation all day. (7:30-2:00)
    • Individual students may use the media center anytime during the day.
    • Small groups (5 students or less) may use the media center without a teacher or assistant and do not need to be scheduled.
    • Large groups (6 students or more) should be scheduled with the media coordinator.  Depending on the activity planned the teacher and/or assistant may be required to stay with the class.
    • Resources: Students, teachers and parents have access to a variety of resources in several formats: Books, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks, and internet resources.

    Policies for Students

    • Students are not limited in the number of books they may check out.  
    • Books are checked out for two weeks.
    • Students are encouraged to check out books on a daily basis.
    • Overdue lists will be sent out regularly.
    • Students must return overdue books before checking out more books.

    Policies for Teachers

    • Teachers may check out materials for an indefinite period of time as long as others do not need the material. 
    • Teachers may ask the media center staff to gather materials for units of study. When possible, request the materials at least one week in advance.
    • Equipment will be checked out to each teacher for the school year. At the end of the year the equipment will be inventoried but will remain in the classroom.
    • Teaching and Learning -The Media Center follows a combined fixed/flexible schedule. The media coordinator and teacher will plan activities and projects that integrate the classroom curriculum with information and technology skills taught in the media center. These activities and projects will provide students with real-life learning experiences that encourage the use of a variety of formats to address the different learning styles

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