School Counseling

  • The Rocky River staff has high expectations of our students.  We believe our students can reach their educational potential through support and great teaching.  We also want our students to be leaders of tomorrow in their professions and in their own private lives. Since the 2014-to 2015 school year,  the LEADER IN ME program has been implemented school-wide.  This program will affect the lives of every student who enters into Rocky River Elementary. Please feel free to go online and take a look at all the wonderful opportunities this program

Phone: 704-290-1523


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Desiree Millwood

Phone 704-290-1523 ext: 3095


If you need to contact the school counselor, please fill out the Google form. Once you fill it out, the school counselor will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Confidentiality Statement

    School counselors recognize their primary obligation for confidentiality is to the student but balance that obligation with an understanding of the family or guardians’ legal and inherent rights to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives (ASCA Code of Ethics).

    The role of the school counselor in regards to confidentiality is:

    • To support the students right to privacy and protect confidential information received from students, the family, guardian and staff members
    • To explain the meaning and limits of confidentiality to students in developmentally appropriate terms
    • To provide appropriate disclosure and informed consent regarding the counseling relationship and confidentiality
    • To inform students and the family of the limits to confidentiality when: Student poses a danger to self or others, Court ordered disclosure, Consultation with other professionals in support of the student i.e. colleagues, supervisors, treatment teams, and other support personnel
    • To keep personal notes separate from educational records and not disclose their contents except when privacy exceptions exist
    • To seek guidance from supervisors and appropriate legal advice when their records are subpoenaed
    • To assert their belief that information shared by students is “confidential” and should not be revealed without the student’s consent
    • To adhere to all laws protecting student records, health information, and special services (i.e., HIPAA, FERPA, IDEA)