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    Debbie Nichols, High School Counselor


    Mrs. Nichols earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Greensboro College in 1986 and a Masters in Education from Campbell University in School Counseling in 2000.  She has taught at the elementary level as well as served as a counselor at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels for over 25 years.  She has most recently worked as the Director of Counseling Services at both Sun Valley High School and Forest Hills High School, respectively.  She can be reached at .

    Rachel Patton, Psychotherapist




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    How Do Students Enter and Exit the Program at South Providence?


    Students are accepted into the program at South Providence through the screening committee process. The committee meets one time per month beginning in August. Parents should be notified by the home school as to the date and time of their child’s appointment with the screening committee. If you child is accepted, parent or legal guardian and child are required to attend an intake meeting at South Providence to fill out enrollment paperwork and learn more about the programs here.


    Once your child is accepted into the regular program at South Providence, he or she will have to complete the four-tiered behavioral system before returning to his or her home school. Each student who returns to their home school has a six week probationary period wherein the home school can return the student to South Providence if there are further behavioral issues.


    Parents may have access to their child’s electronic point sheet by contacting the counselor and requesting to have the point sheet shared through a gmail account.