Students who do not meet the dress code will spend the day in ISS or until parents can bring a change of clothing.


    • Shirts must have a sleeve and cover the chest, midriff, shoulder and undergarments at all times.
    • Top shirt must not be a tank top, sleeveless, camisole or spaghetti strap, tube top or strapless shirt.  Tube tops or strapless shirts are not allowed even when covered by another garment. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, camisoles or spaghetti strap shirts can be worn but must be covered with a shirt that covers the shoulder.
    • Tops must not be deep plunging.
    • Tops cannot be see through, have open backs or slits exposing bare back.



    • Bottoms must fit appropriately at the waist so that skin and undergarments are covered at all times.
    • Tight fitting bottoms such as: leggings can only be worn with a top that is at least fingertip in length in front, back and sides.
    • Jeggings can be worn without a top that fully covers the student’s bottom as long as they have pockets, seams and zippers like a standard pair of jeans.
    • Bottoms, such as shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no more than three inches above the knee. A 3x5 index card can be held horizontally starting at the top of the knee cap while standing to help ensure length.
    • Bottoms must not have words across the seat of the pants.
    • Jeans may not have holes above the knee.  A hole is determined by the ability to see skin when either standing or sitting.  Fabric must be behind a tear so that skin does not show.


    Items Not Allowed:

    • Logos or garments that promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, gang affiliation, nudity or profanity.
    • Clothing or accessories that is distracting to the educational environment.




    • Shoes with strings must be tied, and buckles, straps of Velcro must be fastened at all times.
    • Shoe heels and soles must not exceed 2” in height.
    • Coats and Heavy Jackets:
    • May be worn to and from school.
    • May not be worn in the classroom.  Must be kept in the locker during the school day.


    Items Not Allowed:

    • Pajamas/Bedroom shoes
    • Hats/Bandanas/Head Scarves/”DooRags”/Sunglasses/ Hoods up in the school building.
    • PE uniforms outside of gym class.
    • Chains hanging from clothing.
    • Unnatural hair color sprayed on hair.
    • Unnatural markings on skin. 
    • Stickers or any other form of stick on device on the face.
    • Bottoms with holes, tears, chains, laces, extra zippers, straps or buckles.

    *Students who practice a religion that requires the wearing of yarmulkes or headscarves will not be prohibited from wearing these items.


    The CMS administrative team may use discretion in determining whether or not dress is appropriate or distracting to the educational environment and may amend the dress code if circumstances deem it necessary.  Students will wait in ISS until parents can bring a change of clothing.