• 9.24.2020 Message from Mr. Ferguson

    This video message is part 2 of 2 a two part communication about student re-entry to school at New Salem.  Part 1 addresses students returning two days a week.  Part 2 will address students returning 4 days a week.  

    Video Link

    Beginning on October 26th, all NSES students will have the option to return to school four days a week.  Students will come to school Monday through Thursday.  Fridays will be a remote learning day.  The 4 days a week option is ONLY for students K-5th grade. is the tricky part that everyone needs to be VERY clear on.  When we go to school 4 days a week, there are only two options for families.  Your child can be PLAN A - four days a week face to face, OR Plan D - All virtual.  These options are the same for all students K-5.   

    Every parent has the opportunity to pick Plan D, or select to remain on plan D during the window of Sept 25 - October 4th.  So - to be clear - regardless of the plan you are on...if you want your child to be full virtual starting October 26, you need to go to Scribbles from the UCPS website homepage, and select that option during the window of September 25-October 4th.  If you do not complete Scribbles for Plan D, you will automatically be Plan A, and your child will be expected to attend school face-to-face, 4 days a week. If you simply want your child to come to school face to face for 4 days a week starting October 26th you don’t need to take any action at all.  

    If you choose Plan D there are a few details that you need to pay close attention to:

    • Plan D is moving to a “remainder of the school year” commitment.  If you pick Plan are staying on Plan D for the rest of the 20-21 school year.  
    • Plan D instruction will be provided by a teacher who is not teaching any students face to face.  That means that it is highly likely that your child would be taught by a teacher from another elementary school in our Piedmont cluster.  

    Finally, if the change of going to 2 days a week OR 4 days a week, means that you want your students to ride the bus please call Gina at the front office ASAP so that change can be made.   

    Again, please do not hesitate to call the school at 704-296-3175, or me on my cell at 704-219-7980 if you need to ask clarification questions.  We are always happy to help.   

    Thank you and have a great day.   

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  • 9.23.2020 Message from Mr. Ferguson

    This video message is part 1 of 2 messages.  Part 1 will address students returning two days a week.  Part 2 will address students returning 4 days a week.  

    Video Link

    I am SO excited to be able to communicate the following information to you!  It’s a celebration that we get to have your students at New Salem more of the time face to face!  

    Let me just put this out there first… Most people are already overwhelmed and when we are overwhelmed, it is hard to process change and lots of information. Please do not hesitate to call the school at 704-296-3175, or me on my cell at 704-219-7980 if you need to ask clarification questions.  We are always happy to help.   

    First - Just because students are coming back more of the time does not mean that student safety takes a back seat.  The following safety precautions will not change as students come back to New Salem:

    • We all will continue to rock our facemasks.  
    • We will continue to temperature screen and ask parents the screening questions.
    • We will continue to clean, clean, clean, clean, and clean some more.  
    • Lunch at New Salem will continue to rotate between eating in their classroom one week, and then the cafeteria the next.  
    • Specials will continue to be held with all touch surfaces being sanitized between classes.
    • We will continue to not hold mass gatherings such as assemblies and the like.  
    • Recess, for the time being, will not be on the playground since we can’t clean all those surfaces between uses.  

    The major change in safety protocols will be that it will not ALWAYS be possible to keep students six feet apart as student numbers increase.  So, the rule will be that we will social distance as best as possible, given the situation.    

    Now - Let’s talk about the first big positive change!  

    Next Tuesday, September 29th, students will come back to New Salem two days a week for face to face instruction.  Monday is an optional there is no instruction on Monday. 

    How you will know what day your student comes to New Salem is super simple. 

    If your child is currently coming to New Salem on a Monday, OR on a Tuesday, then they will come to school face to face on Mondays and Tuesdays.  

    If your child is currently coming to New Salem on a Wednesday OR Thursday, then they will come to school face to face on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    This process follows the same patterns at the middle and high it should not create sibling issues across our cluster.  

    Fridays will remain a Remote Learning Day for all students.  

    Students coming to New Salem two days a week will run from September 29th until October 22nd.

    During this time period, students who are “full virtual” will remain “full virtual.”  There will be no change for them during this time.  

    Our teachers will be communicating with you about classroom specific adjustments that may happen when students come back 2 days a week. 

    Finally, if the change of going to 2 days a week means that you want your students to ride the bus please call Gina at the front office ASAP so that change can be made.   

    Again, please do not hesitate to call the school at 704-296-3175, or me on my cell at 704-219-7980 if you need to ask clarification questions.  We are always happy to help.   

    Thank you and have a great day.

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  • Panorama Survey 2020

    Union County Public Schools values the feedback of our students, parents and staff.  In an effort to continue high quality, rigorous learning experiences and social-emotional support for students, the school district has partnered with Panorama Education to administer a survey to 3rd – 12th graders. The survey window is Sept. 28 – Oct. 8 and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The link will be sent via Canvas and students will need their Student ID for access. Panorama safeguards student privacy and all responses will be kept confidential. 

    Click HERE to review survey questions.

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  • Wednesday, September 16th from 5:30-6:30 is the New Salem Virtual Curriculum Night.  Each grade will send parents a grade-level specific link so you can tune in.  Teachers will primarily be covering curriculum information related to what grade level standard mastery looks like for your students.  All sessions will be recorded and posted to your child’s Canvas page in case you have multiple children or in case you are unable to tune in that night.  

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  • Every school in NC maintains a team that manages, monitors, and supports the annual plan that the school uses to improve.  We call the plan our School Improvement Plan and the team that manages it is the School Improvement Team.  

    The members of this team are school staff, parents, and sometimes community members.  

    This year we will meet monthly and we will alternate our meeting times.  We will either meet from 2:30-4 or 6-7.  All meetings will be held virtually.  You can find this year’s meeting schedule on our website by clicking the “Site Based Management Button.”  The email version of this message will have the link to this page at the bottom of this message.    

    We welcome parents to participate.  You do not have to have a certain skill set to be part of the team, however, you must agree to support our school mission, vision, and our values that our faculty members have set as non-negotiables to be a team member at NSES.  In the email version of this message I will include a copy of our mission, vision, values, and long term goals.  

    So, if you want to join this team, what do we do?

    Each month we will review our school plan strategies that we set to help us reach our goals.  We assess our progress and ensure that we are staying on track to reach our goals.  If we are on track, we celebrate.  If we are off track, we make adjustments to get back on track.  We also collect feedback in an ongoing manner to make sure we are capitalizing on our strengths and downplaying or eliminating our weaknesses as an organization.  

    If you would like to join this team please email me at to express interest.  

    Thank you and have a great evening.    


    Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

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  • 8.26.2020 Week 1 Reflection

    This week we have reflected on week 1 of school and have made some adjustments to continually improve.

    Here is what our staff is working on and what you can expect:

    Quality versus quantity of work.


    Continued Communication

    Live Virtual Small group instruction

     New Salem has set a starting point standard for how much time you should be spending on instruction and practice at home on remote learning days. K-2 students would spend no more than 120 minutes working and 3-5 students should spend no more than 180 minutes working. Teachers will be focusing on producing quality instructional videos and work that should fit those time parameters. Keep in mind...this is the target and your child may take less or more time based on their level of support needed, work ethic, and other factors.

    Teachers will be working diligently to make their Canvas page very navigable and that their work is easy to access and that links and assignments work.

    You all have access to your teachers via email. However, in addition, your teacher will be calling you during the month of September to check in with you specifically about how school is going.

    Our goal for September is that every student, by the end of September, will be in a routine of meeting with their teacher for a live virtual small group lesson in reading and math.

    I hope that with these 4 targets for the month of September you will see reduced workload at home with an uptick in ease of accessibility. We look forward to continuing to get your feedback on being better every day. Finally, we are excited to form a routine of getting students online for small group instruction during the month of September, one for reading and once for math.

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  • UCPS announces new meal option for 2020-2021

    Monroe, NC—Educators understand that students need healthy meals to be successful in school. Although Union County Public Schools will offer a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning this year, meals will still be offered to all students, no matter if they are enrolled in Plan B or Plan D.

    Beginning, Monday, Aug. 17, UCPS will open regional meal sites during lunch to serve students who are learning virtually and/or on remote learning days. This option is available to all students and access to the meal will be based on the student’s current meal status. These meals are only for enrolled students and those picking up the meals will be required to provide lunch or student ID numbers.

    Lunch will be served Monday – Friday through a curbside pick-up model, from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the locations listed below.

    Cuthbertson High     Forest Hills High

    Health Sciences Academy at Monroe Middle

    Parkwood Middle     Piedmont Middle

    Porter Ridge Elementary     Rock Rest Elementary

    Rocky River Elementary     Sardis Elementary

    Shiloh Valley Primary

    Breakfast will not be served through this model and UCPS will not provide transportation. Students with special dietary needs indicated by a Diet Order form on file are encouraged to call the school where they will pick up a meal the day before to make accommodations.

    In addition, below are a few reminders and updates about School Nutrition Services for the 2020-2021 school year.

    • All students who qualify for free or reduced lunch will receive breakfast and lunch free of charge.

    ·         Students who pay for breakfast and lunch will continue to receive meals at the same prices—$2.40 for elementary school lunch and $2.50 for middle and high school lunch. Payments can be made through K12 Payment Center.

    ·         Breakfast and lunch will be served Monday – Thursday for students who attend school in person. Friday is a remote learning day for all students


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  • Throughout this evening our pre-recorded open house videos will be posted on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and our school website (please see below). Please take the time to view these videos prior to attending one of the live virtual events that your grade level will be hosting either Thursday or Friday.  See your email from your teachers for live virtual meeting details.  

    Tomorrow morning and evening will the Chromebook pickup.  7:30-8:30 AM will be 2nd and 3rd graders and 7:30-8:30 PM will be 4th and 5th graders.  If you requested a hotspot you can come to either slot.  If you children in both grade spans please simply choose the option that is best for you. 

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  • New Salem Families!

    Click on your grade level below to view your grade level's Open House Video! We are so excited for this school year! #NewSalemThrives


    1st Grade

    2nd Grade

    3rd Grade

    4th Grade

    5th Grade





    (Students do not have to wear a mask when doing a physical activity, but they will wear their masks transitioning to and from PE/Recess.)


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  • NSES Familes,


    **This update only applies to families of bus riders.** 


    UCPS will be requiring parents to provide a weekly signed attestation to the bus driver before their child can ride the bus.  


    To make that process easy on our parents we ask that you do one of the following first week of school.  


    Complete the linked google form OR print off the form from our website, sign it, and hand it to the driver when your student rides the bus the first time.  The easiest route is to complete the google form.  


    On your child’s first day at school we will send home copies of the attestation form so you will have them to complete weekly and give to the bus driver.  


    Here is the link to the Google Form


    Bus Transportation-Parent Acknowledge Form-Paper Copy

    Call us with questions.



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  • NSES Families,

    Click here for the Canvas Parent Readiness Checklist! A great resource with frequent asked questions and links to more information on Canvas!

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  • 2020-2021 Virtual Open House Information: 

    Teachers have been assigned their homerooms and they will be emailing their families over the next few workdays.  Please do not reach out to Mr. Ferguson or Mrs. Gina to request your child’s teacher’s name as the teachers will be reaching out to you shortly. 

    Open House details have been finalized.  While your classroom teacher will give you the specifics here are the basics. 

    Every grade level will release a pre-recorded informational video on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 12th.  A link to the video will be emailed to you by your teacher.  As a backup, the videos will also be placed on our website and facebook page.  Please view the grade level specific videos.   

    Between Thursday, August 13th and Friday, August 14th, every grade level will invite you to LIVE virtual Meet and Greet Q and A sessions with the teachers.  Teachers will introduce themselves and then parents can post questions for the team to answer live. 

    Please view the grade level specific videos prior to the LIVE virtual Meet and Greet Q and A sessions with the teachers as the video will answer many of your questions. 

    Finally, we are slightly adjusting the times for the Chromebook pickup.  Here are the final times. 

    On Thursday, August 13th 2nd and 3rd grade students can pick up their Chromebooks from 7:30 AM until 8:30 AM.  4th and 5th graders pick up will be 7:30 PM-8:30 PM.  If you communicated to us that you needed a Hotspot, we will have those for you at that time. 

    If you are a K-1 parent and you requested a Hotspot, you can pick up your hotspot during either of the windows.  

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  • Chromebooks

    ***Slight time change: 

    On Thursday, August 13th 2nd and 3rd grade students can pick up their Chromebooks from 7:30 AM until 8:30 AM.  4th and 5th graders pick up will be 7:30 PM-8:30 PM.  If you communicated to us that you needed a Hotspot, we will have those for you at that time. 

    If you are a K-1 parent and you requested a Hotspot, you can pick up your hotspot during either of the windows. ***

    For more information on Chromebooks distribution, click here!

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  • Hello New Salem Parents, 

    This is Mr. Ferguson with a New Salem Update about 2nd-5th grade Chromebooks for the ‘20-’21 school year.  

    All 2nd-5th grade students will have the opportunity to bring a Chromebook home daily to use for instruction and educational purposes. In order for me to assign and send home a device with students on their first day of face to face school each student MUST have the two forms completed and returned. Please use the link below to submit the forms electronically. Or, if you are unable to complete the form electronically please access the forms on our website. There is only one form to complete electronically, but if you go the paper route please make sure you sign and complete both the Chromebook form and the Coppa form. Paper forms can be dropped off in the green box under the foyer at New Salem.  

    Here are the links to the electronic form. Complete it as soon as possible so we can send a device home with your child on the first day they attend face to face instruction. - English - Spanish


    Paper Copies

    2020-2021 COPPA Letter

    2020-2021 COPPA Letter-Spanish

    2020-2021 Elementary Chromebook Letter

    2020-2021 Elementary Chromebook Letter-Spanish

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  • New Salem Families,

    Our instructional coach, Kelly Karalunis, had baby #2 this summer and they are doing very well. She also managed to land a coaching role a few minutes from her house. We will miss her, but are so happy that she will have an additional hour a day to spend with her family (her commute was LONG!).

    So, I would now like introduce you to our new Instructional Coach! Welcome aboard Mrs. Deering!

    "Hello New Salem Family! My name is Jen Deering, and I will be the new instructional coach here at school. I am so excited to become a Knight! Currently, I am teaching second grade at Western Union Elementary School, where I will remain until my replacement can be found. Over my teaching career (which spans 20 years…gulp), I have learned so much about making learning fun and engaging for students, while helping them to achieve success utilizing many different pathways. As an instructional coach, I look forward to continuing to learn while supporting teachers AND students.

    I am originally from Maine, where my family still lives. I married a southerner 29 years ago and was able to keep him in New England until about six years ago when the winter was so bad that we either snowshoed up our road to get to our driveway or had AAA on speed dial to pull us out of the ditch when we attempted to make it into our garage. Also, we had snow from October to May that year. That was when my husband decided a move to the south was in order. His whole family is in South Carolina, so it’s been a great move, all in all. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this heat, but central air is a beautiful thing- and the winters, I will admit, are MAREVELOUS! We are an outdoor family who loves to hike, kayak, and camp (though the poisonous snakes here have put a damper on our tent camping; I can handle a raccoon getting into our tent- a snake, not so much.) We also enjoy family game nights. Our children are mostly all grown up. Kaitlyn just got married this summer and is a police officer with CMPD. Emily is working as a marketing coordinator for a company in Davidson. Our son, Ryan, is a senior at Cuthbertson High School. We have two dogs, Bella and Gatsby, and two granddogs- Lily and Sadie. When I have spare time to myself, I enjoy reading, crafting, and blogging.

    I am looking forward to an amazing year with y’all (love that phrase… so welcoming and succinct) and cannot wait to meet everyone! This is our family in a nut shell….laid back, kind of a hot mess, but full of love and shenanigans- always!"



    Hello, New Salem Community.  My name is Cheryn Rowell, and I will be the new fourth grade-reading teacher.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this awesome family.  I have lived in Union County since I was eleven.  An interesting side note is that I actually attended New Salem for a short time when I was in fifth grade.  I also attended both Piedmont Middle and High School as well.  I have a BA from Pfeiffer University and a Masters from ECU (Go Pirates).  I have spent the majority of my career teaching in the community college.  I have most recently taught fourth grade at Walter Bickett Elementary School. 

    I have been married to my husband, Jeff, for 21 years.  We have two amazing children, Elizabeth and Jordan.  Elizabeth will be heading to the University of NC Wilmington this fall to major in Social Work.  Jordan will be a junior at CATA and love to cook.  We have one dog and one cat.  My hobbies include reading, spending time with my family, and working out.  I love the beach and quiet moments.

    I feel strongly that in order to be successful I need to build strong, lasting relationships with your children and with you.  I do not want to be your child’s teacher for a year; I want to be your child’s teacher for life.  I cannot wait to build these lasting relationships in the new school year.


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  • Click here for a video from Mr. Ferguson on face coverings.

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  • Click here for an updated '20-'21 Supply List

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  • New Salem Families,
    Mrs. Curtis, our EC Teacher, has taken a county level EC position that she is very excited about. We love her and support her in her decision. Once a NS Knight...always a NS Knight. We quickly began the search to find a just right fit for your students.
    It is with great pleasure that I welcome Mrs. Stacey Larson to the New Salem team.
    Below is her introduction and a bio so you can get to know her. If you have an EC student at New Salem and you are concerned about your child's needs being met during the '20-'21 school year due to remote learning, I highly encourage you to reach out to Mrs. Larson. I feel confident she will ease your mind and be a great support to you as we all move into new territory.
    Mr. Ferguson
    Hey New Salem Knights! My name is Stacey Larson and I am so excited to be the new EC teacher. I’ve been working in special education for over 26 years. I have taught diverse groups of students with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, medically fragile, learning disabilities, speech impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and emotional disabilities. My skills in differentiated instruction and multi-sensory lesson planning allow me to meet the needs of my students. I have also been a Youth Services Librarian for 27 years and have been able to combine my passion for teaching with my love of reading and helping others.
    My years of experience have taught me the value of empathy, humor, flexibility, ambition, and confidence in the special education classroom. I work closely with each student providing the individualized support and positive reinforcement they require. I encourage my students both inside and outside of the classroom to achieve success at every level (not just academics) and assist them in acquiring the necessary tools to do so. I have been blessed to learn from every child and every family I have worked with. Having two special needs children of my own has given me a unique perspective in dealing with my students and their families and assisting them while they navigate the special education process.
    My husband, Eric, was transferred here so we are new to North Carolina from Long Island, New York. We have 4 children: Owen, who will be a sophomore transfer at NC State; Ethan, who will be a freshman at Chapel Hill and play lacrosse for Coach Breschi; Aidan, who will be in 11th grade at Cuthbertson HS; and Ally, who will be in 10th grade at Cuthbertson HS. It’s been a major change for all of us, but everyone we have met has welcomed us with open arms❤️ We love to spend time as a family (though I am known to drive my kids crazy) and are heavily involved in many different sports so we are always on the go. In my down time, I love to read, exercise ,and learn as much as I can about aromatherapy to help keep my family and friends healthy.
    I am looking forward to meeting you all and being a part of this amazing community! If I can help anyone in any way, please don’t hesitate to email me ( or leave a message at New Salem.
    2020 has been a challenging time for all of us! But, together with grace we can accomplish great things!
    Virtual hugs to you all,
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  • Click here for a recorded message from Mr. Ferguson regarding the 2020-2021 school year!

    Message Transcript:

    Hello Parents, 

    This is Mr. Ferguson with a New Salem Update.   I hope each of you are enjoying the summer and are making plans for the start of what can be our best year yet. I am sure that you are apprehensive about the future of our country, community, and the school year. It is my sincere hope that the information that I will share today, will in some way, alleviate your concerns about school.

    Our current status is that Governor Cooper has placed North Carolina Public Schools in Plan "B" to start the school year. UCPS has created a plan in which every student in grades K-12 will attend one day of school for face-to-face instruction. Families will be assigned a day to attend by the school. The remaining four days will consist of remote learning.

    Each family has TWO options to consider:

    1. Face to Face/Remote Learning - Send your child to school (1 day for "face-to-face" learning and 4 days of remote learning) OR keep your child at home for remote learning 5 days each week with the option to return to "face-to-face" learning at any point that you deem appropriate. Your child will be assigned to a teacher and will remain with that teacher as he or she transitions back to "face-to-face" learning.
    2. Virtual Learning (also known as plan D) - This option is available for students in Second through Fifth only at the elementary level. Students would learn exclusively in a remote environment. Students would be assigned to a teacher within the Piedmont cluster AND would change to another teacher at New Salem upon returning to "face-to-face"/remote learning. Families must commit to virtual learning for a minimum of one semester and would NOT be permitted to change to "face-to-face" within this period of time. I invite you to email me if you are considering this option ( I would be happy to provide you with additional information.

    Prior to school going out in March, our New Salem staff asked ourselves a very serious question.  We asked, “Why, as an organization, do we exist?”  The answer that we all agreed upon has become our new school mission.  We agreed the reason we exist is that “We empower ALL students academically and socially to thrive in a changing world.”  

    We are working hard to create a model that allows our students to thrive regardless of the challenges that our current reality poses.   

    So, if I choose “Face to Face/Remote Learning” (plan B) what will learning look like at NS?   

    • Students who are “on site” will experience very small classroom ratios somewhere around 1:10 maybe even 2:10 or 3:10 when considering teacher assistants.  This will allow a higher amount of personalized education.
    • During remote learning days your student will be able to access that day’s new learning in an “on demand” format.  In other words, the teacher will have videoed herself teaching the lessons and then will guide the student through the learning.  Then the student will complete a task or tasks and submit the work for the teacher to check and provide feedback.  This will all be done from ONE platform, Canvas.  (Yes, we will offer virtual parent workshops on how to use Canvas at home if you would like.)  
    • During remote learning days our teachers will, on a routine rotation, conduct live remote small group instruction in reading and math.  Small group instruction beyond the one face-to-face day is absolutely key to growth.  
    • Finally, teachers will maintain daily “live office hours” where students and parents have direct access for questions and work support with their teacher.    

    Back to the two options…

    I would recommend that parents choose the option that provides your child with the flexibility that you desire, while permitting your child to return to school when you deem it is safe for your child to do so. All students will be enrolled in a classroom at our school unless the parent opts for virtual learning. Those students will be assigned to a teacher within the school or the Piedmont Cluster (based on availability). Virtual students will NOT be permitted to return to "face-to-face" learning until the end of the semester. 

    So, what’s next?  I want you to know the critical projects we are working on right now at school:  

    • Teachers are reviewing the New Salem Plan B  instructional plan and fine tuning our plan to make sure our students are set up to thrive in this new structure.  
    • We are collaborating with the Piedmont cluster schools to create our plans for which students come to school for face-to-face learning and on which days.  A major part of this plan is to ensure that siblings in the school and between different levels of schools are able to come to school on the same day.  Stay tuned...New Salem will be attempting to tell parents as soon as humanly possible what day your child will be assigned.  This is a beyond complex task that has many more layers than just please give me some grace as we attempt to tackle this project.  
    • I will be hosting two virtual “Kitchen Table Talks” where I will simply be available to you for questions and your input.  There is SO much information and misinformation out there.  I would like the opportunity to field your questions and you get the answer directly from the principal of your community school.  The first session is  Monday, July 20th at 6:00 PM and again on Tuesday, July 21st at 8:00 PM.  The link to connect to the meeting will be posted on Facebook and emailed out to parents the morning of the meetings.  
    • I’m meeting with our PTO board tonight for a Q and A.  
    • Next week I will begin rolling out model schedules of what school will look like at New Salem.  This schedule will create a clear picture for you of how our team will be working with your student during the week.  
    • We are currently recreating the concept of “Open House”.  I will be surveying our PTO board on what topics our teachers can address virtually during open house to give you what you need to start the year strong.  

    As you can tell, our New Salem team is not gearing up for an awkward, depressing, or frustrating year.  We are gearing up for the best year yet.  I am absolutely confident that with our team, our students, our parents, and our community, we will thrive this year.  Thank you in advance for your support.  

    Please expect frequent updates as we near the kick off on the new school year!  

    Finally, It is very important to me that our New Salem families have direct access to the best information you can get in a timely manner.  Please feel free to email me at with any questions.  I will most likely call you back to answer your questions.  Or, you are always welcome to call my cell at 704-219-7980.  I already have parents asking lots of great questions and it delights me to serve you.

    Thank you, and I will keep you in the loop as we move forward.  


    Mr. Ferguson

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    Hello Parents,

    This is Mr. Ferguson with a New Salem Update.

    I want to take a few moments to share with you the most recent updates regarding next school year.

    Governor Cooper was scheduled to tell everyone today what plan we would start our school year. He is not going to release that plan today and I have not heard when he will. I fully recognize that parents need to know what direction NC is heading, but that’s out of our control. What IS is in our control is how New Salem is currently preparing for what we do know.

    Our teachers have already come together, analyzed the 133 pages of restrictions provided by the state, and made draft precaution procedures for how we should do business to protect our kiddos when they return regardless of if it is “Plan A” or “Plan B”.

    Later in July, after the Governor has released his plan and UCPS releases their expectations for principals, our team will again meet and create the New Salem Standard of Excellence for Remote Learning in our school. Our standards will ensure that parents of all grades know what learning will look like this year and our teachers have the resources and structures to allow them to provide excellent learning opportunities if and when we experience remote learning in the future.

    I want you to know that New Salem Elementary will be planned and prepared for whatever comes our way. However, since this is all new, we anticipate and expect to make mistakes along the way, which we will leverage to make us better.

    Here are a few more details you will be interested in:

    *All New Salem vacancies have been filled with highly qualified and experienced teachers.

    *Union County Public Schools Board of Education has revised the 20-21 calendar since the RNC is not coming to Charlotte. Please go to the UCPS website so you can see the changes.

    *Typically, New Salem releases a calendar of events for the school year that the school hosts, such as the fun run, Grandparents Day, and the like. Because so much is uncertain as to future restrictions we are going to hold off on scheduling school events. It is easier to add events down the road than disappoint our students by cancelling events all along. However, our school team will be considering what events can be enhanced with tech to allow the event to happen in a different way. More information to come as we get more information.

    *As we learn more about the restrictions in August we will be able to make some decisions on how Open House will look this year. Currently, we just don’t have enough information to plan those events.

    Thank you parents for your ongoing support.


    Mr. Ferguson

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  • Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Ashley Hayes! Below are a few words from her so you can get to know her better. Welcome to the family! #NewSalemPride 

    "Hi New Salem Knights!

    "My name is Ashley Hayes and I am excited to be your AIG teacher this year! I have been in education for 17 years after graduating from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) with certifications in special education, elementary, and middle grades. I have taught 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades, and have spent 8 years dedicated to gifted education. I believe that students deserve rigorous and authentic activities to enhance their learning. Empowering my students by providing them with choice, interest-based activities, and diverse lessons is a must. I love technology and try to incorporate that as much as possible, especially since students today are digital natives.

    On a personal note, I am originally from Mobile, Alabama. After college, I moved to Braselton, Georgia and married my husband, Brad. Of course he’s a DAWG fan, so football games are fun in our house. We have been in the New Salem community for two years now. Together we have three beautiful children. Brady, our oldest, is a rising 8th grader at Piedmont Middle School. We were also blessed with boy/girl twins, Anniston and Hudson, who are rising 1st graders and will join me at New Salem!
    In my free time (haha), I like to spend time with my family. You can find us either at the baseball fields, on the motocross track, or outside playing. I do enjoy running, party planning, and crafting.

    I am proud to be a Knight and I look forward to seeing you soon!"

     Ashley Hayes


    Please help me welcome Ms. Lynn Courtney to the New Salem Team. She will be teaching math (which she is over the moon passionate about), science, and social studies for all of our 4th grade students next year. Below are a few words from Ms. Courtney. Welcome to the family! #NewSalemPride

    "I grew up in Charlotte, and went to college at UNC Pembroke. I came back to Charlotte to teach in CMS for 9 years and now have been teaching in Union County for the last 6 years. I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades. I am getting married in July and very excited. I will have new son who is 12 years old. In my free time I enjoy watching documentaries, putting puzzles together, and watching football. GO PANTHERS! I am looking forward to a very exciting year teaching at New Salem."

    Lynn Courtney

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  • Please see the attached letter about the recently released NCDPI Guidelines for returning to school. Please know that the state guidelines are living documents and they will change as needed. New Salem Elementary is committed to starting strong no matter the circumstances and we want to keep you informed of what starting options/requirements may be.
    -Mr. Ferguson-

    NSES Fall 2020 Letter

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  • UCPS AIG Family Letter

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  • Click below for End of Year Celebrations!

    Have a wonderful summer! 








    N. Whitley



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  • Congratulations to our 2019-2020 5th Graders! We are so proud of you! 

    Batten's Promotion Ceremony

    Baucom's Promotion Ceremony

    5th Grade Memory Video

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  • Rising Kindergarten Families,

    Click below to access our Kindergarten Parent Resources folder!

    2020-2021 Kindergarten Parent Resources

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  • Click below for information on school close out procedures at all school levels.

    2019-2020 School Closeout Guidance

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  • Mr. Edwards shares plans for New Salem's 2020 Virtual Field Day!

    Click here!

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    UCPS is having a Summer Read-a-Palooza Virtual Book Fair! You can support UCPS schools while discovering favorite characters, series, and collections all summer long. Orders are delivered right to your doorstep and you can take advantage of FREE shipping on book-only purchases over $25.
    Let's make this a summer to instill a love of reading!
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  • The NSES Kindergarten students have been working hard throughout our time of remote learning.  In efforts to encourage students to continue working AND to reward them for their hard work, students have been participating in weekly challenges.  Their reward…the Kindergarten teachers completing a silly challenge.  Check out the most recent video of our Kindergarten teachers and some special guests completing the CrAzY Sandwich Challenge with crazy sandwich toppings suggested by the Kindergarten students.

    Watch the video here!

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  • Ms. Lodge's Weekly SEL Video 

    with a special guest!

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  • Ms. Lodge's Weekly SEL Video

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  • Ms. Batten shares how to use MyOn--a great online resource!

    Using MyOn

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  • Ms. Lodge's Weekly Video-Flipgrid Reminder

    Password: Lodge2020

    Here is a great resource from Coach Edwards to get us moving this week!

    Cosmic Kids Yoga!

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  • Next week we will be innovating how we celebrate teachers during teacher appreciation week!  The following information is from our wonderful PTO.  I hope you all have fun and get creative with showing some love to our amazing teachers.   
    Staff Appreciation Week May 4th – 8th

    As you complete the celebrations please share your photos, videos, cards, messages in a private message to New Salem Elementary and PTO’s Facebook pages or to your classes Classroom Dojo if your teacher uses that system.

    Monday Write a letter or make a video message for your teacher or other staff member 

    Tuesday Show some love to our Specials teachers, Custodians and Cafeteria staff 

    Wednesday Share your favorite memory of this school year 

    Thursday Give your teacher something special! You can draw a picture, write a poem, sing a song, send them an E-Card to the their UCPS email address — the sky is the limit! E-mail addresses to be posted on the NSES FB page) 

    Friday We’re in this Together! Make a sign for your school, teachers or other staff members.

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  • 5.1.2020

    Message from Mr. Ferguson

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  • This Week's Videos: SEL Corner from Ms. Lodge and PE with Joe from Mr. Edwards

    SEL Corner Flipgrid

    PE with Joe

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  • Today's How-To Vidoes: These videos provided information on how to access great student resources!

    Ms. Brown's Art Class

    Khan Academy

    Moments of Music with Ms. Sloan

    Student Start Up Page


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  • This Week's SEL Videos with Ms. Lodge 4.20.2020

    Student Video

    Parent Video

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  • 4.17.2020

    Message from Mr. Ferguson

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  • 4.15.2020

    Message from Mr. Ferguson

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  • Future Kindergarten Knights Families!

    If you need a new registration packet or if you still need to turn in your registration packet,

    please email Ms. Gina or Mr. Ferguson at or

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  • Ms. Schweiber shares the EmpowerED Family Portal-Remote Learning Resources.

    Click here to check it out! 

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  • Ms. Lodge and Mr. Edwards has some great resources to support our mental health and to promote physical activity during this time! Check them out!

    Ms. Lodge's Video

    Mr. Edward's Video

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  • WORLD’S FINEST CHOCOLATE is finally coming to an end 😊

    We still need to collect money for ALL outstanding boxes.  There are two options for paying for your chocolate.

    Mail check payable to:  

    New Salem Elementary School

    6106 Hwy 205

    Marshville, NC 28103

    (Be sure to indicate student name and homeroom teacher name in your check memo.)


    Online payment:

    There is a service fee that New Salem Elem will pay on your behalf; therefore, if you are paying for ONE box of chocolate – enter $57.36 for your payment. 

    Click on link:

    Click on the activity number BH038-VAR1

    Indicate student name and homeroom teacher name in description box

    Enter $57.36 if you are paying for one box of chocolate

    Click checkout

    Continue following prompts

    We are still counting boxes for prizes and are mailing out prizes that can be mailed.  We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your patience and willingness to continue helping us raise money for our students.  This community always goes above and beyond!!  #newsalempride

    You may direct any questions or comments with regards to this process to

    Again, THANK YOU!!!

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  • New Salem Families!

    Here are some fun sites and activities teachers have found! As you find awesome things to do, please share them! This list will be updated daily!

    Fun Family Links!

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 10: Science projects! NSES Knights completed science projects today! 3.27.2020

    Tate Caroline

    Pic 1: Tate and his family work on a science project!

    Pic 2: Caroline make raisins dance in her science project!

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 9: Chores. NSES Knights are a big help around the house! 3.26.2020

    Pollie Pollie Cody Cody

    Pics 1 & 2: Pollie helps to take care of the new ckicks!     Pic 3 & 4: Cody helps out with the trash!

    Jordyn Graham Graham Graham

    Pic 5: Jordyn helps with painting her room.  Pics 6 - 8: Graham feeds his dog and helps to water the plants on the porch.

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 8: Pets! Such cute pets! Check out Facebook for more! 3.25.2020

    Maxton Zoey John Graham

    Pic 1: Maxton and his buddies!          Pic 3: John and his dog!

    Pic 2: Zoey and Maci.                       Pic 4: Graham, his Nana, and baby goats!


    Camden Bentley Krew CurtisFamily

    Pic 5: Camden gets help on his packet from his cat, Pete!       Pic 7: Krew and his buddy!

    Pic 6: Bentlee and so many animals!                                     Pic 8: Ms. Curtis's kiddos and their cat, Georgia!

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 7: Lego Build! What cool creations! Check out our Facebook page for more! 3.24.2020

    Lukis ColtCale CyKarsyn

    Pic 1: Lukis' cool build!                                         Pic 3: Cy and Karsyn with their Lego builds!

    Pic 2: Cale and Colt work together to build!

    Lincoln DanielleCaleb 2nd FergTate

    Pic 4: Lincoln's having fun with Legos!                      Pic 6: Whoa! Those are some big blocks!

    Pic 5: Danielle and Caleb show off their builds!          Pic 7: Mr. Ferguson and Tate join in the fun! 

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 6: Virtual Field Trips/Learning 3.22.2020. Check out our Facebook page for more!

    Ethan Nico Caroline Curtis

    Pic 1: Ethan works on a word problem from Ms. McSwain.          Pic 3: Caroline reads from her phone.

    Pic 2: Nico explores the Louvre in Paris!                                    Pic 4: Curtis uses Google Maps to learn about Brazil!

    Izzy Jimmy Addy Nicholas

    Pic 5: Izzy learns about Brazil!                              Pic 7: Addicyn writes a story about birds from Brazil.

    Pic 6: Jimmy reviews Ecosystems materials!          Pic 8: Nick and Ginger write a story about birds!

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  • Facebook Challenges for the Week of March 24-27


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  • Facebook Challenge Day 5: Splash! Rainy Day Activities. A look at New Salem's favorite rainy day activites! Check out our Facebook page for more!

    CurtisReading Farmers Austin SammySonya

    Pic 1: Ms. Curtis likes to curl up with a good book!                          Pic 3: Ms. Austin and Gately go for a walk post-rain!

    Pic 2: The Farmer family has all sorts of fun rainy day activities!       Pic 4L Samuel and Sonya build a chick coop post-rain!


    Higgins Ferguson CurtisG Sloan

    Pic 5: Ms. Higgins is singing and dancing in the rain!          Pic 7: Rain or shine, Curtis is working on a fence!

    Pic 6: Mr. Ferguson is handing out packets in the rain!        Pic 8: Ms. Sloan hits the water after the rain!

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 4: Outdoor Fun! This beautiful weather has everyone doing fun outdoor activities! Check out our Facebook page for more!


    Batten Alivia Jordyn Isabella

    Pic 1: Ms. Batten and her Blue Ninja rocket!          Pic 3: Jordyn made a new friend today!

    Pic 2: Alivia takes on the Outdoor challenge!         Pic 4: Isabell and Liliana work in their garden!


    A Whitley Kamarri Kinsley Lane

    Pic 5: Ms. A Whitley loves to find seashells.       Pic 7: Kinsley is busy playing volleyball and soccer.

    Pic 6: Kamarri's got one on the line!                 Pic 8: Lane has a beautiful location for fishing!

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 3: Grandparents! We loved all the sweet Grandparents Pictures! Check out our Facebook page for more!

    Ariana Cy and Karsyn Mr Edwards Kennedy

    Pic 1: Ariana loves her Mawmaw because she's so funny!                                   Pic 3: Mr. Edwards' Grandparents

    Pic 2: Cy and Karsyn love traveling and playing with their grandparents!            Pic 4: Kennedy--love those smiles!


    Ethan Alissa Mr. Skipper Hunter and Abby

    Pic 5: Ethan and his PawPaw share a special bond!          Pic 7: Mr. Skipper's Great Grandma who lived to be 107!!

    Pic 6: Alissa and Great Grandma Wallace at the park.      Pic 8: Abby and Hunter's Grandparents! What a fun picture!

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  • Facebook Challenge Day 2: Show us your favorite reading corner/nook! So many comfy spots and many had siblings and pets! Love the reading together! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!

    Schweiber's Reading ChairNico ReadingLoganMedlin

    Pic 1: Ms. Schweiber's reading spot!    Pic 3: Ms. Thomas & Logan enjoying the weather!

    Pic 2: Nico found a great spot!            Pic 4: Ms. Medlin's got a comfy chair!



    Pic 5: Hayden reads to her doll!                          Pic 7: Brystol and Brynley-A front porch swing is a great place to read!

    Pic 6: Lincoln, Lucas, and Levi built a fort to read in!     Pic 8: Great quote in Leigha's reading corner!


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  • Love the New Salem craftiness! Highlights from the New Salem Facebook Challenge Day 1! Check out our Facebook page for even more crafty pics!


    Kaitlyn's Cake Colton's Picture K's Drawings Paisley's Slime Skipper's Peach Cobbler

    Kaitlyn's Cake! Yummy!        Great Picture, Colton!           Kindergarten's Leprechauns   Paisley made slime!                      Mr. Skipper's Peach Cobbler!

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  • 3.20.2020

    Message from Mr. Ferguson

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  • 3.19.2020

    Message from Mr. Ferguson

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  • 3.10.2020 Handwashing Video

    Message from Mr. Ferguson

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  • Who Influences You?

    Mr. Ferguson explains how to show your #NewSalemPride by recognizing the people who model excellence!

    Who Influences You? Video

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