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Spotlight on Microsoft Certifications

Dr. Fisenne and Ms. Lingle pose with students who earned Microsoft certifications Dr. Fisenne personally congratulated and presented official Microsoft Certificates of Accomplishment to the following students for earning Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications for the Fall 16 Semester. This is a tremendous accomplishment that students and parents should be very proud of. These students have proven that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office, the world’s foremost desktop computing applications.

A Microsoft Office Specialist certification is a great thing for students to add to a resume and mention in their college and job applications, because it differentiates them as having verified proof of their Microsoft Office knowledge and skills. The Microsoft Office Specialist certification they have earned as part of the class will greatly benefit them in their future college and career pursuits. Congratulations again on earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification!

Microsoft Excel and Access Certifications: Abrey Austin, Owen Burke, Daniel Baker, Brett Bates, Kaitlyn Brantley, Joshua Campbell, Trent DeMaio, Cameron Donaven, Alana Gibbs, Kevin Gomez, Hender Hernandez, Rachel Hetzler, Mavrick Hunt, River Johnson, Nicholas Koehler, Alexander Lay-Calvert, Anthony Marangoni, Ryan Mayo-Tinoco, Joseph McShane, Brynna Miller, Brenda Ocampo, Nima Patel, Wizdom Perez, Kira Polchow, Zane Reep, Austin Shaw, Matthew Song, Matthew Spadafore, Seth Sperber, Mildred Vergara, Emily White, and Abrey Austin. 

Microsoft Excel Certifications: Shayne Ackley, Arnav Sharma, Austin Maske, Brendan, Prakash, Ethan Garcia, James Little, Matthew Ocejo, Megan O'Neill, Patrick Rose, Shane Ackley, Sophia Maupin, William Dabrowski. 

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Certifications: Katelyn Averill, Meagan Briggs, Kortney Buckingham, Matthew Caskey, Daniel Coffey, Logan Edney, Jared Kradelman, Spencer Jarvis, Amber Mossembekker, Tyler Palmer, Evan Tibbetts, Colby Trumbo, Karis Wallace, and Katelyn Averill

Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate