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Spotlight on MPRA (Music Production and Recording Arts)

Recording lab equipment With the establishment of the MPRA Academy at CATA in 2015, the opportunity exists for students to be able to produce music and build the foundations needed to be successful in the recording industry and higher level of institution.  Exciting course offerings such as Recording Arts I and II will be offered starting in the 2017-2018 school year.  Students will have the opportunity to work in the new recording studio and computer lab on top of the line technology and software.  These new Mac computers will utilize Pro-tools and other recording software.  In addition, a full-time Recording Arts teacher will be announced in the near future.  The new teacher will provide more detailed curriculum and vision for the young academy.

Currently, our MPRA students are taking prerequisite courses such as Music Theory and Piano classes.  Ensemble requirements allow for students in the academies to participate in both Chorus and Band as well as Jazz Class.  The piano class performed on the Winter Collaborative in December under the direction of Ms. Gregory and the Jazz Class performed at the same event in addition to the Band Winter Concert under the direction of Mr. Jay Bolder.  Look for more exciting information shortly!
Our new MPRA lab equipment.  We are excited to create our new lab and are in the process of hiring qualified individuals to build a new and innovative program.  
 Recording lab equipment  Recording lab equipment
 Recording lab equipment  Recording lab equipment