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Environmental Science Students Clean Up Local Creek

Environmental Science students On Friday October 25, 2019 the Environmental Club assisted Ms. Kopchick’s Freshman class in cleaning Bearskin Creek. From the club were two seniors Zoe Helms and Rylee Outlaw, who led the students in cleaning the creek.

The students who volunteered to go into the creek were helped by Storm Water Engineers from the City of Monroe who provided the students waders and gloves in order to move around safely in the water. These students were able to pull things from the water that might have been harder to get to without being in the creek.

One of the students, Taylor Hume, says “I found things I did not think I would. There was a ton of plastic bags, oil spots in the water, and a lot of things that should have been recycled. There were also batteries in the water, which made me upset.” Taylor was one of the students in the creek and helped remove trash and other litter from the water.

Several other students including, Omari Cupid and Johnathan Swanson found a lot of tires in the water that they helped to drag out. Taking these students out into their community to see the things around them is very important in their understanding of their environment. Being part of the solution to our environmental problems provides students with real world experiences that will help them become good stewards of the Earth. 

Students cleaning up a creek  Students cleaning a creek

Environmental science students clean up a local creek. 


Author: CATA Student Rylee Outlaw