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Freshening Up for Fall

Cup cougar Although our physical time together in our classrooms has come to an end for this school year, CATA is already looking ahead to the fall.

The entire school is being repainted inside and some new signage was added outside. The new signage at the front of the school and along the bus entrance directs students, parents, and visitors to the various areas. The PTSO's yearly Invest in Excellence fundraiser helped pay for the new front of the school and bus entrance signage. Thank you to all the families who contributed!

The media center, also known as The Den, received some new furniture and is looking to rearrange how students browse for fiction for the fall. Media Coordinator Deb Christensen hopes to have time to arrange the fiction by genre this summer to make it easier for the students to find the type of books they are looking for.

The new furniture replaces the round wooden tables and chairs that have been in place since CATA opened. The new rectangular tables on casters will make it easier for groups to put tables together for group work and projects. Half of the new chairs are standard straight leg chairs and the other half have rocker bases for students who prefer movement.

The Den added some navy paint to go along with the burgundy and khaki that were already in the space. There are plans to add some more signage or graphics over the circulation desk in the future as well. 

The CATA PTSO purchased cups for the athletic fences and has them installed already. The cups are on the new tennis court fences and the fence in front of the area around the soccer, softball, and baseball fields.

The cups spell out CATA Athletics and CATA Cougars. There are even two full-size cougar images! The CATA Athletics just had cougar paws added to each end to match the CATA Cougars cups on the tennis fences.

We thank the PTSO for their continual support of CATA and for putting in the cups. Many hours were spent putting the cups in place on the fences. 

Even the nurse's office got a new tile floor which is much easier for cleanup and more sanitary than the carpet it replaced. We can't wait to be able to welcome students back to the school and we hope everyone will be excited to see the changes! Go Cougars!