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CATA Canine Club Makes Toys for Shelters

Directions to make a dog toy For the last two years, CATA’s Canine Club has spent the fall semester making no-sew fleece blankets to distribute to shelters and animal rescues once the cold fall and winter months come in however COVID 19 made the logistics of obtaining, distributing, and collecting materials to be too difficult. Student leaders of the club still wanted to provide club members with a fun way to help local shelters and rescues and came up with an idea to challenge the CATA community to make as many dog toys at home as possible to be donated to local shelters and rescues. 

Student leaders researched different options to make toys from items that students likely had in their homes,  like old tee shirts and towels, and put together step by step directions for those who would be making the toys. Student leaders also reached out to clubs at CATA that have service hour requirements after getting permission from their advisors to allow those members to earn service hours for making dog toys in order to recruit more people to help make toys. 

Dogs in the community have already begun enjoying donated toys. Anne Marie Forbes, executive director of the Humane Society of Union County, sent a letter thanking Canine Club and CATA students for their donation saying that “You should have heard the barks and meows of gratitude in our hallways when we received your kind donation of homemade toys. Many of the animals we rescue have never had a toy and they never learned to play. You have provided them with a true gift ‐ joy!”. 


Dog with toy

Blakeney, a local rescue dog, excited to play with her new toy!