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Honors Biology Students Create Websites Featuring Research

Website project example: Ecosystems in the African Savanna Ms. Rhonda Brown's Honors Biology class was working to meet the following objective: Through collaboration, students research, learn and apply Ecology terms and concepts, to real life, through building websites, about the ecosystems, of their choice.  

Students were given a set of terms or vocabulary that the project must be centered around: 

  • Biome
  • Ecosystem
  • Symbiotic Relationships
  • Abiotic/Biotic Factors

Next, they were given student choice, by choosing a biome/ecosystem to research and create a website about, as a team. Daily, team leads gave briefings on where their team was in the process (from the research stage to website building). Students were prompted to begin with research and keep track of work, in a team folder (Google folder).  

Teams presented their completed websites, to the class. Below are links to five of the sixteen submissions that were received. The students did an excellent job on this project. Enjoy learning about these ecosystems!