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#UCPSGrads: Central Academy of Technology & Arts senior Athan Wright

Athan Wright

Central Academy of Technology & Arts senior Athan Wright fully embraces his entrepreneurial spirit and go-getter attitude. After starting his own lawn care business at the age of 14, he knew that being an entrepreneur was the career path he wanted to follow.  

With a 4.5 GPA, he was the president of a Robotics Club, National Honor Society, the founder of the Python Coding Club, a math tutor. Outside of school, Athan participated in fencing (sport) for four years and advanced to various competitions including qualifying for the Junior Olympics and Summer Nationals.  

Athan plans to study economics at Duke University this fall.   

On his plans for the future: I plan to attend Duke University and combine my love of entrepreneurship and tech to start a business in college. Hopefully Duke can take my entrepreneurial nature to the next level. I want to grow my YouTube channel that I recently started. I’ve started vlogging my last days of high school and I plan to vlog my days at Duke so my friends, family and anyone else can see how it is to be a Duke student. 

On how CATA prepared him for the future: The teachers at CATA have already challenged and prepared me enough that I feel more than ready for anything Duke throws my way. The community at CATA has given me a strong support group of friends. It makes for a really vibrant and engaging community, and I know I’ve made many life-long friendships here at CATA. 

On advice for current students: My advice is to push through the setbacks you face (because there will be plenty) and keep moving forward. I’ve had many setbacks, whether it was waiting too long to study for a test, or choosing to take an extra class for a total of 5 AP classes in one semester. Each time, I did what I had to in order to succeed and be ready for the next day, and now I can look back at my high school career with no regrets. 

On his fondest high school memory:  One day my junior year, I was up all night working on my robot for a competition that started the following morning. Even as I spent more than 12 hours straight on the robot, it was still not done and I had to bring it to the competition venue unfinished. There my team and I frantically kept on working on the robot until we finished a minute before it was our turn, and the robot ended up being one of the best robots in the competition. Being able to see our robot succeed despite our many hardships was very gratifying.