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Forest Hills High School Senior Prepares to Enter Workforce

High School Senior Lands Career Before Graduation

By Reuben Jones 

MARSHVILLE, N.C. -- High school senior Eduardo Soriano hasn't even graduated but he's already landed a job. He signed the contract on Thursday.

Soriano enrolled in the new Forest Hills High School Career Readiness Construction Academy last year. The program trains students in the construction field and how to get a job in it.

After an internship at the construction company, Barefoot and Company, he was offered a job. “I was surprised. Usually we are the ones who have to turn in a application and hope they hire us,” Soriano said. “Having him come was a different experience.”

While Soriano still has plans to go to college school leaders hope this shows students have a range of options when they graduate. In this case, Soriano is filling a big need, construction workers are in demand in the Charlotte area.