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Idiom Day at Porter Ridge

Idiom Day Do you know what day was celebrated on October 28, 2016 at Porter Ridge Elementary School? Here are some clues: We were “bursting with joy” because we had all our “ducks in a row” as we walked through the school and we were thankful it wasn’t raining “cats and dogs”. You get a “gold star” if you said IDIOM DAY! Idioms can be confusing for anyone, but especially for those learning English as their Second Language. 5th Grade teacher Sara Salyers ( Idiom Day facilitator ) stated : “Idioms are one of the toughest language skills out there for ESL students and I'm so happy that we have such great supportive staff willing to try new ways of imparting knowledge!!” Classes that wanted to participate in an Idiom Parade lined up outside and then walked through some of the halls of the school so everyone could see their costumes and ideas.
Idiom Day
1st graders wore plastic bugs for ‘Don’t bug me!’ and ESL teacher, Debbie Moats, even put on a paper collar that asked ‘Is the grass always greener on the other side?’ Mrs. Moats noticed many new ideas this year as students worked together and helped each other so they all could be involved. Ideas that “stood out” to her were: ‘eyes at the back of my head’; ‘caught red-handed’; ‘hold your horses’ and ‘zip it up’. Many students put a lot of effort in this project and Mrs. Moats is very proud of the planning and effort on part of the teachers to recognize the need to explain idioms in a fun and motivating way.