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Duke Energy visits 21st CCLC

Duke Energy visited each 21st Century Community Learning Centers site in March and taught us some amazing facts about renewable energy.  They explained to us the benefits and taught us how a solar panel farm works. 
Below is a picture of one in Monroe.  It covers 450 acres and contains 680,000 solar panels.  Amazing right!!Solar Panels
Did you know that:
Did you Know?
We also learned about the benefits of renewable energy!
Below is a picture of a solar panel that is located in Florida.  Do you recognize the shape?
One of the most interesting things that we learned is that Duke Energy does not use lawn mowers to keep their sites clean.  Can you guess what they use?
We really enjoyed the visits by Duke Energy.  We would like to especially thank Mr. Bill Kirkenir and his team for coming and teaching us so many things about renewable energy.  We would also like to give credit to Duke Energy for the information and pictures provided in this article.