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UCAEOP Office Professionals Summer Summit 2017

Cultural Diversity Activity The UCPS Office Professionals Summer Summit hosted by UCAEOP was held on July 12, 2017 in Monroe, NC.  The agenda included presentations on Communications, Website Editing, Cultural Diversity, Customer Service, Power School, and Google Docs.  Attendees participated in a cultural awareness activity that involved silent card playing and moving individuals into new groups where they did not know the game being played, the rules, or how to win.  This activity demonstrated the difficulty in adapting to new situations when communication is limited and the rules/instructions are not explained.

Breakfast consisting of yogurt, bagels, danishes, muffins, and fruit was provided by Costco. The lunch menu included sandwiches, salads, drinks and desserts. A BIG thank you to Costco!

The day concluded with a visit from Dr. Andrew Houlihan who addressed the group by giving his seal of approval on the day. He stated he would like to see more professional development days in the future for office staff.

Door prizes were given out and items donated by UCAEOP members were raffled off benefiting the UCAEOP Scholarship Fund. The quality presenters, organization, and fellowship combined to make this a successful event for all members.