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Beyond the Curve: Youth complete 4-H career development program

Beyond the Curve Most youth graduate high school without a clue about their future plans. Even with college offers lined up they aren’t exposed to important life lessons and skills that allow them to make important decisions that will affect their futures. As a way to address this issue, Union County 4-H developed a career development program called Beyond the Curve. The goal was to expose teens with resources and information and bridge the gap on important skills they were missing.

This fall, fifteen teenagers completed the course series in a partnership with the Union County Public Schools’ Latino Outreach Services department. Each lesson focused on a different subject ranging from career interest, scholarship, financial aid, salary, education requirements, and more.

Upon the conclusion of the program, the youth presented the information they researched about their desired career field based on their interest determined earlier in the program. It is our hope that through exposure to new ideas and information we can lend a helping hand to the youth of Union County and facilitate them in achieving their dreams and beyond.