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Biblioburro at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts

Biblioburro at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts First graders in Marci Micciantuono’s class learned about the culture, education, language, food, arts and sports in Colombia from our assistant principal, Yubely Zolke, during her exciting presentation to all first graders!  To extend the learning and cultural experience Ms. Micciantuono and Ms. Lorenzo, ESL teacher, collaborated to teach students about an amazing teacher and librarian in Colombia.  Mr. Luis Soriano and his two donkeys travel to poor, remote areas to deliver books to children.  This is known as the biblioburro, a donkey bookmobile!   Many books and films have been made about Mr. Soriano due to his important work.  He and his wife even built the first library in La Gloria so many more books would be available to the communities nearby.

With the help of our own amazing librarian, Beth Lanzy, students ‘traveled’ with their own biblioburro to offer books to Benton Heights Kindergarteners right down the hall!  Kindergarten teachers had also shared the book Biblioburro with their students.  Ms. Micciantuono and Ms. Lorenzo’s students wrote about this experience in travel journals that they will create throughout the school year as they delve into global adventures along with reading, math, the arts, science and social studies.

Lydia Lorenzo