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Hispanic College Night at Forest Hills High School

Hispanic College Night at Forest Hills High School On the evening of Thursday, October 25th over 45 Spanish-speaking students and their parents gathered at the Forest Hills High’s Media Center to learn more about higher learning, and all it entails.

The presentation titled “Help for the University” was led by Ms. Donna Weaver from the College Foundation of North Carolina in a partnership with the Union County Public School Latino Outreach Services. College may seem like a long way off, but the time to start preparing is NOW. This presentation covered topics such as college and university options, the application process, financial aid, and steps to take to prepare for life after graduation. The families gathered were also part of a question and answer session that helped address any areas of inquiry and demystify cultural topics.

One key point of advice from Ms. Weaver to the students was to not be afraid of college. Instead acknowledge that failure can happen, but continue to pursue academic and life goals to the fullest. Also, in terms of achieving goals, one should not hesitate to ask for help- a helping hand may be the difference in propelling you ahead.

All in all, it was a great evening filled with important information that families and students can use immediately as some of them navigate their last year at Forest Hills High School and prepare for their next step at college. Special thanks to the staff of the school and Ms. Weaver for leading the discussion and presentation.