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Scrub Club for Kids Celebrates 6-years in Union County!

Scrub Club This fall marks the 6th year in a row that Union County Pre-K students (approx. 160 children per year) have been able to participate in the Scrub Club for Kids program. This program aims to raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing and ultimately improve the health of children and reduce school sick days. The method in which these basic teachings are transmitted to the children is by characterizing a group of seven kids that join forces to fight off harmful germs and bacteria.

In partnership with Latino Outreach Union County Public Schools and Union County Human Services – Environmental Health, the Scrub Club Kids is presented by a health educator during their school day. A Glow Bar Lamp is used to show the germs on the hands before and after washing. Also, a variety of materials are given to the students to bring home so they can remember the lessons and share with friends and family.

With cooler temperatures around the corner, please remember the Six Steps of Handwashing: 1) Wet your hands, 2) Apply soap, 3) Rub your hands for 20 seconds, 4) Don’t forget your fingernails, 5) Rinse the germs away, 6) Dry your hands. Scrub Club