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A Cavalier Catch-Up!

Jillian and Mr. Williams Today we had the opportunity to catch up with CHS Alumna Jillian Latour who was the top graduate in the Class of 2018. Jillian attended Georgia Institute of Technology this fall and is home for the holidays. This semester Jillian took Computer Science, Linear Algebra, French, English, and a Freshman Introduction course.

Jillian said she spent approximately 12 hours in class and about 30 hours a week studying or doing homework. She said it was harder to know her professors in college than it was to know her teachers in high school because the classes were much larger.  

When asked what advice she would recommend to current seniors, she said she would urge them to enjoy their senior year and high school experiences with their friends and family. She shared the top three bits of wisdom that she learned this semester:

1 - Find your niche – get out of your dorm! Jillian shared that she met new friends through her roommate as well as through classmates. She got involved by trying the Crew Team and becoming part of Women in College Computing. Next semester she plans to get involved in track and field.

2 - Go to class! Jillian shared that even though some students skip classes, she feels that what you put into it is what you get out. “You have to motivate yourself!” she said.

3 - Make time in the day to just be yourself – to do something you love to do.

What is her favorite thing about college? “Freedom!” she smiled. And she likes the city of Atlanta. Jillian said students could ride MARTA (the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) downtown or to the airport.  

During the holidays Jillian plans on going to the beach with her family (including her sister Sarah who was also a CHS Class of 2018 Alumna and attended NC State this semester) and taking time to relax. Next summer she plans to study abroad in Paris. Jillian is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in French.

Jillian is pictured with one of her high school teachers, Mr. Gary Williams.

Jillian, it was great to catch up with you – good luck next semester!




Posted December 20, 2018