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Students Skype With Noted Author Jay Heinrichs

Thank You For Arguing Text Students in Mrs. Jennifer Mitchell’s AP Language class had the opportunity to skype with the author of the acclaimed book, Thank You For Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion, which details the tools and processes of rhetoric- the art of effective speaking and writing.

Students read the book as a part of their unit on rhetoric. Jay Heinrichs skyped with the students, who were given the opportunity to ask him insightful questions about the book and his writing process. Mr. Heinrichs clarified sections of the book, spoke about influences for his writing, and elaborated on the unusual anecdotes he included in his book.

Being able to speak to an accomplished author helped Mrs. Mitchell’s students think about how to improve their own writing in preparation for the upcoming AP Language test. As junior Hannah Moore noted, “The meeting with Jay Heinrichs was a great experience for our class because he answered questions and gave us exciting, useful advice.”

Students were also motivated by Jay Heinrichs’ advice to consider the importance of writing skills in their future careers. Sophomore Ty Patterson reflected afterward that the session  “inspired me to pursue the goals I once thought unthinkable and enlightened me on the value of an oratory connection between the current and past generations.”

The students were thrilled to have this opportunity and were truly appreciative of Mr. Heinrich’s willingness to help these future rhetoricians.


Written by CHS Junior Sonali Senapati
Posted April 16, 2019