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Business Law Class Visits Court House

Courthouse photo Students in Ms. Comer’s Honors Business Law class took a field trip to the Union County Court House in February to celebrate CTE month. As part of the curriculum, students learn about criminal and civil penalties. Students were able to see a felony criminal trial in progress and tour the court house.

On the tour, District Attorney Trey Robison spoke with the students about possible career paths in the law and the day to day operations of the office. They were also able to visit multiple court rooms and learn about which cases are heard from Clerk of Court J.R. Rowell.

Student Bryson Roman Whitehead said, "Visiting the courthouse was a really interesting experience, getting to see firsthand all the procedures and details of what we were already learning was incredibly enlightening.

Talking to various members of the court system and asking them questions about their job and how the court system worked with all its little pieces was also a treat, and definitely one of the highlights of my senior year." 

Each year, Ms. Comer takes a group of her law students to visit the court house.

“It’s a valuable learning opportunity,” said, Ms. Comer. “Students are able to see the theoretical concepts of the course applied in a real-world setting.”  “It’s also great fun too!” she said.



Posted February 28, 2020