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Cavs Begin Remote Learning

Hey Cavs, the next phase of remote learning has begun! Every teacher will be creating two class-specific lessons each week for students attending face-to-face courses at CHS.  These lessons will be available on each teacher’s Canvas site, with Lesson #1 being uploaded by 8am each Monday and Lesson #2 being uploaded by 8am each Wednesday.  

While we certainly recommend that these lessons be completed each week, they are considered to be supplementary at this time. This means that these assignments are not required, nor will they count for a grade, including extra-credit.  

To offer student flexibility, these lessons will use recorded lessons, videos, web references and more, but will not be live interactive lessons. A suggested student schedule can be found below:

suggested schedule

UCPS is providing guidance to all parents about remote learning. Click below to access a guidebook that will outline suggested student & teacher expectations & activities, engagement tips & info to help your student identify ways to continue learning.

And Cavs, check out our Media Center webpage for lots of great resources of Ebooks and research tools: The link to Destiny is there as well as on the UCPS Student Startup page and offers access to Ebooks as well as great tools for remote leraning. Plus, there's no better time than now to join the CHAT! Self-enroll in the Canvas course “CHS Chapter Chat” and tell us about what you're reading! The enrollment key is

Do you have questions about our recently released Remote Learning Guidelines? UCPS has created a document to assist you. Click the following link to find out more:

Students: Are you experiencing a technical issue with your UCPS-issued device? Our Technology Services team is available to help you. The help desk and hotline can be accessed remotely by clicking this link:

Remember, even though we are not in the building, our teachers and staff are standing by ready to assist with any questions. Feel free to email them with any questions you may have.

Check out more helpful student resources here


Posted March 31, 2020