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Health Classes Study Emotional / Mental Health

Ms. Mills Students in Ms. Helms’, Ms. Marchand’s, and Mr. Caputi’s Health classes have been studying a Mental / Emotional health unit this week. Students learned about conditions such as Bi-Polar Disorder, anxiety, stress, depression, and eating disorders.

The students researched famous people who had mental illnesses, gained knowledge of stress management techniques, learned about the importance of family and friend support, and had the opportunity to participate in a Mental Scavenger Hunt and life management skills discussion.

The learning activities also involved visits from guest speakers. Guidance Counselors Ms. Plank and Ms. Mills visited the classes to lead the students in a game of Perfection to illustrate how being prepared and taking good care of yourself can help alleviate some stress and anxiety.

They discussed the stressors that this past year of life with Covid has brought on. They went over differences between stress and anxiety and how to manage either. They gave examples of self-care, mindfulness techniques, and which things happen in our lives that are within our control versus things that are not.

Ms. Tautfest Media Specialist Ms. Tautfest visited the classes with a presentation on how the students can access Cameron’s Collection, a collection of Ebooks on subjects specifically geared to protect and nurture teen mental wellness. Those Ebooks as well as many others on all topics and genres, can be read on their chromebooks.

Some of the titles were Helping a Friend Who is Being Bullied, My Parents Are Divorcing, Now What? Crazy Stressed, and many more, including Blow a Bubble, Not a Gasket that illustrated de-stressing activities. She also brought samples of related books from the Media Center and explained how the students could search for and request books to check out.

The goals of the health unit were to leave students with tools to help them understand and deal with their emotional and mental health.


Posted February 19, 2021