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Creating EmpowerED Classrooms

Lucy Ms. Bradley, 8th Grade AIG ELA Teacher created an EmpowerED classroom on Friday morning, October 26th to allow her students to connect with the themes of “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.
Students were truly hands on, actively generating personal reflections, questioning, and then set about synthesizing the class-generated ideas collaboratively as they were encouraged to think creatively and take risks.  Ms. Bradley stated that students were driven by high-order discussion and inquiry. There were moments of discourse as they overcame struggles to connect the writer’s purpose to the readers’ experiences.  Ms. Bradley even complimented their students or their group work, commenting that their discussions were very productive and that she even noticed some of them debating their points of views.   The level of learning emanating from the group was phenomenal!
#EmpowerED #BeTheBest