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Providing Meaningful Postitive Feedback Through Gallery Walks

On Thursday, November 8th, Mrs. Bradley’s 8th grade students showcased their Anthem book projects through a Gallery Walk in the classroom.  The students displayed their projects on their desks and the desks were arranged in a circular fashion.  Students were able to walk through the “gallery of projects”, while leaving feedback slips for their classmates.  Mrs. Bradley instructed her students to provide specific, meaningful, feedback to their peers by using the following criteria:  Understanding of Novel, Creative Engagement with the Task, Clear and Engaging Presentation, and Whether the project was complete.  The gallery showcased the student’s creativity in a variety of different mediums such as: movie trailers, newspaper articles, video game designs, book jackets, top ten favorite websites for the character of “equality” as presented in the novel, and movie soundtracks.  Mrs. Bradley provided the students with examples of meaningful feedback, and stressed how hard she knew the students had worked on these projects and how important it is to be able to receive specific feedback from peers as well as teachers. The projects were truly engaging and thought provoking. It is clear that the students put a great deal of time and effort into these “works of art” as well as into the feedback they provided for their classmates.