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Fun With Frogs: Dissections in Mr. Lyons' Science Class

As I walked in Mr. Lyons’ classroom on Wednesday, he was handing out frogs to student groups for the dissection lab.  Students in Mr. Lyons’ seventh grade science classes worked in pairs as they took part in frog dissections on Wednesday December 18th and Thursday December 19th.  Students took turns assisting and dissecting as they were directed by Mr. Lyons’ as he demonstrated the frog dissection using his document camera. Students examined the external anatomy, mouth, internal anatomy, muscle and bone, and internal body systems.  In addition to the dissection , students identified all of the parts of the frog, and labeled the parts on a printed diagram.


In examining the external anatomy students identified the upper and lower jaw, the tongue, the maxillary teeth, and the glottis.  In dissecting the internal anatomy, students looked at the organs in four different layers. In layer one, they identified the liver, the heart and the three chambers of the heart.  In layer two, students identified the gallbladder, stomach, and the small intestine. Mr. Lyons pointed out that the heart and the liver hid some of the organs that students would identify in layer two.  In layer three, students identified the lungs and the pancreas. In layer four, students examined the kidneys and spleen.


It was truly fascinating to observe this lesson, and to see students view the dissection as Mr. Lyons’ demonstrated with the document camera.  Mr. Lyons’ was very animated, and even mentioned the “six pack” on his frog and he even named her Bertha during the demonstration. When speaking with students some were a little nervous about touching and dissecting the frog, but most were visibly engaged and fascinated.  Most of them even described the experience as pretty cool!

Michele Todd Bost, Media Specialist