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"And I Think To Myself...What A Wonderful World"

ChooseKind Today during the announcements students and staff observed  a moment of silence in recognition of those involved, affected, and in memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001.  Mrs. Sanguine, Sixth Grade Language Arts teacher is one out of many people who has been personally affected by the events that took place that day. 

Mrs. Sanguine, shared with her students that her husband was on the 31st floor working the day of the attacks.  It was due to the first responders and all of the rescue workers involved that her husband was saved. She had students share what they knew about the events of September 11th and why we took a moment of silence today.  Mrs. Sanguine then placed a sticky note on each student's desk and asked them to write down one thing that they could do to make not only the school, but also the world a better place. 

Each student was asked to place their sticky notes on the dry erase board and then Mrs. Sanguine read each note aloud. Some responses received were:  "Go to local animal shelter and take dog treats so that the dogs there know that someone cares about them." "Sit with someone at lunch who normally sits alone."  "Help another student pick up their books when they drop them in the hallway." "Smile at people." Some of the students even tried out their acts of kindness at lunch and recess later in the day and were excited to tell Ms. Sanguine about it and even commented about how good it made them feel about themselves and about others.  

Sanguine explained how this horrible event came from a place of hate and that if we all could just make an effort to look for ways to be kind to one another we could make our world a better place and prevent these kinds of negative things from happening. Our random acts of kindness regardless of how small we may think these acts to be, make a more significant  difference in this world than we realize and spread feelings of love, respect and genuine concern for other people. These acts of kindness are the types of acts that reduce negativity and restore faith in humanity and all that is good in this world. The activity in Mrs. Sanguine's class this morning served as a clear reminder to all of us that we should always choose to be kind, and that by doing so we can all make ourselves, our lives, and the world we live in a better place for all who live here.  

Michele T. Bost