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CMS Competes in Fall Vex Robotics Tournament

Vex On Saturday, November 16th, Cuthbertson Middle School competed in the Union County Fall Vex Robotics Tournament against eight other middle school Vex robotics teams in a round robin tournament to see which schools had the best drivers and robots. There were 32 matches amongst all of the teams participating. Each team from Cuthbertson Middle School participated in 4 matches.

Two teams (one from CMS and another school) paired against two teams from other schools. The team with the highest score was declared the winner. The scores from the matches were tallied and in the end only 24 of the 32 teams entered would move on to the Elimination tournament.

It was a long morning with teams, advisors, judges and parents scurrying around to get to their matches. Along the way there were minor problems that the robotic teams had to overcome. There were breakdowns, communication errors (interference) and many tie scores which required another match be played until there was a clear winner.  

After lunch the teams were paired up into alliances and competed against two other teams that formed an alliance.

Each match in the Elimination round consisted of the best two out of three. The winners moved on to the quarter finals and from there to the semi-final. CMS had one team in the semi-final. We competed in twelve matches because of ties, before our CMS alliance triumphed.

The matches were close and the teams were very competitive but our team was the winner of the overall competition. After making it to the finals, we ended up finishing second.

CMS and our students came out winners. Team Matrix finished second overall in the Elimination tournament, team Matrix won the Sportsmanship Award and team Aries tied for third in the Skills competition.

George Landry