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Scientific Revolution Newsletters in Seventh Grade Social Studies Classes

SmoreNewsletter  Seventh grade students created, designed and presented Scientific Revolution newsletters using the Smore platform in Ms. Rosenthal's Social Studies classes.  Students were assigned a scientist to research and worked with a partner to then design and customize their newsletters.  Newsletters were to include the scientist's name at the top of the front page, a footer for web site citations, clip art, images or photos to add to the information, dedicated sections for certain content such as the scientists biography, three achievments, and four to six interesting facts.  Students chose from a variety of layouts and then presented their information to the class. Students were graded according to the following criteria:  accurate information that tells the major achievements of the scientist, pictures of the scientist and photos related to their work, correct grammar and spelling, clear and concise presentation, and citations listed for web sites used in presentation. The presentations were very informative and many of the layouts were very detailed.  Students truly enjoyed using this platform as a way to present information.