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William Thompson "O.T.": Providing Emotional And Social Support to Cavs Students


Meet William Thompson also known as “OT”.   He is the Community Liaison at Cuthbertson Middle School and brings a unique set of skills to our school allowing him to provide additional emotional and social support to our students, staff and families. He has twenty five years law enforcement experience with various local, state, and federal law enforcement training, as well as four years in the military. He has over twenty years of experience in the school system as well as in community related training, which is essential for mentoring, counseling, and in educating students as well as parents during difficult incidents and situations.

Mr. Thompson uses his crisis intervention, negotiation and problem solving skills to better assist students through a crisis.   Mr. Thompson is a liaison between parents, the community, school staff, and law enforcement.  He is an "extra ear" for listening and is an additonal person to respond to situations when staff are busy. He provides important and necessary support to our staff in our mission to ensure that all of our students are successful.  

Eighth grade student Alex Thomas shared that he was having trouble focusing on his work in class and "OT" was able to help him.  Thomas added, "He talked to me about getting my work done so that I could succeed in class as well as in life.  Every time he sees me he checks up on me.  I can tell that he really cares about students."

Eighth grade student Ashlyn Clifton shared that "OT" was able to help her by giving her confidence and by building her self esteem.  Clifton added, "He is very supportive.  "He always checks up on me to ask how my day is going and to make sure that I am on track." 

When asked about his role, Thomspon stated, "I am not here as a officer nor a administrator. I am not a counselor, therapist, or social worker replacement. I am an extra option with different and unique skills to assist everyone in meeting their goals."  He truly enjoys working with and helping students, and hopes to ultimately provide them with inspiration as they move on into adulthood.