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CMS Update April 5th from Mr. Murray

CMSWeb We have begun online learning with our students this past week.  Students and parents we thank you for your patience as we navigate our present state of education.  I am encouraging our students to email their teachers if they have a question or do not understand the material that is being reviewed.  

Families please remember that all assignments will be asynchronous for students. Flexibility is the key as students are not expected to be online with teachers at a specific time.

The original report card issue date for the fourth grading period was scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2020; however, UCPS schools were closed on this date due to E. Coli in Union County’s water.  UCPS will be mailing out report cards for the 4th term within the next two weeks. 

Thursday is a teacher workday and Friday begins Spring Break for our staff.  The week of April 20 teachers will continue to update their canvas pages with student work. 

For students who are experiencing technical issues with their chromebooks please complete  the link below for the UCPS student helpdesk.

UCPS Student Helpdesk

We also have  the CMS Counselors Canvas page for any students who are  in need of Social Emotional Support.  

CMS Counselor Page 

Parents, I know that this pandemic has caused our stress levels to rise a bit.  The CMS family understands that everyone is accustomed to an academic world that is fast paced but at this time we are being forced to slow down.  Parents I know you might have some concerns about your students' academics and when new instruction will begin. At this time we need to think about the Social Emotional well being of our students because that is the most important thing right now. Don't worry everything will be alright as we get through this together.

Mr. Murray, Principal Cuthbertson Middle School