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STEM Classes Starting Fall 2018

East Elementary will begin a STEM program to allow students access to the world of Sciences,Technologies, Engineering, & Math!!  All learners deserve access and enrichment in Science and Technology. East Elementary is a Title I School and we stive to provide the tools necessary for all leaners to be successful in the classroom. Furthermore, we want our scholars to take what they learn in the classroom and apply that knowledge across their education and career choices.  The new STEM class at East Elementary stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM classes will integrate science and technolgy across the curriculum. The hope is for all students to explore their learing environment through project based think critically, collaborate, and problem solve. Students will receive science, technology, engineering, and math instruction while learning the academic vocabulary associated with both. This class gives students a head start in a technology and science driven world! Beginning next school year, this class will include a coding and robotics element to the classroom. At East Elementary we want to prepare our scholars as they continue their education and SOAR ahead in education and careers!!!