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Testing reunites friends and graduates

Ms. Janet Propst and Ms. Margaret Bivens first met as nursing students at Anson Tech in Ansonville, NC. After graduating together in 1973 both went on their separate pathways in the world of nursing. After forty three years of life experiences and travels, these two wonderful ladies decided to pick this year and the same date to proctor for EUMS. It was a priceless moment when the recognized each other. After completing their testing sessions, Ms. Propst and Ms. Bivens spent hours at East Union talking and reuniting with each other, sharing stories with all of those that were around to eavesdrop. The two Ansonville graduates bought memorabilia in to show off, exchanged contact information,and vowed to stay in touch and continue to volunteer here at East Union Middle School. We are so thankful for these two young ladies for all their hard work and their wonderful story that unfolded right here at EUMS! 




Maxie Johnson, Assistant Principal