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East Union soars to the rescue

After recent natural disasters hit the US, East Union students soared into action to help the victims.

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey bombarded Houston, East Union’s C2J club decided to raise money for Houston hurricane relief. There was a grade level competition during lunch where students put money in cans. The grade levels competed against each other to see who could raise the most money. The grade level who raised the most money won an Ice Cream Party. The winners are yet to be revealed…

Then Hurricane Irma hit, and more US victims were in distress. C2J sponsored a fun activity called “double PE”.  Each student could pay one dollar to participate, and every dollar counted. The activity was fun for students while also being helpful.  

East Union students were more than willing to help.  7th grader, Tyler Pittman, said, “I think it’s good that our school is able to help.  It may not be a lot, but we are still helping families that were impacted.” One thing that really made Hurricane Harvey personal for EUMS is the fact that our new principal, Terrance Sanders, and our new 6th grade Assitant Principal, Greg Topper, just moved here from Houston. Mr.Topper "felt that it was amazing that our school reached out to help hurricane victims and his friends in Houston felt the love”.¨

All together, students contributed over $900, which will now be shared with hurricane victims in Texas, South Florida, and Puerto Rico.



Angel, Desirhea, Dust & Terrell - 7th graders