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East Union Hosts Its 1st Agriculture/Biotech Career Day

On October 25, 2017, representatives from careers in agriculture and biotech visited 6th graders at EUMS to talk about their careers in hopes to inspire them to consider occupations that most don’t. The companies that were a part of this educational day included Carolina Green Athletic Field Construction, Higher Ground Training Center, BioNetwork NC Community Colleges, Farm Credit Carolina, Monroe Volunteer Fire Department, Novozymes, and NC Cooperative Extension.  Da’Shawn Hudson, 6th grader in Ms. Kriessler’s class said about the event, “It’s pretty good! The turf grass inspired me to want to go into that field because it sounded really cool.”

The morning began with a video conference with Chasity McLeod, an engineer with Nestle. She attended Clemson University with our principal, Mr. Sanders. Mr. Jim Biggers, from Carolina Green Athletic Field Construction, talked about his job as someone who works with turf grass. He enjoys his job because “I never do the same thing two days in a row, I’m always doing something new everyday.” Summer Cortinas from BioNetwork talked about her job working in a lab in the biotechnology field. The students had fun learning about everyday things that involve Biotechnology like insulin, bacteria, and even a toasted cheese sandwich!  Dr. Calum Russell from Novozymes shared details about his job as a scientist. Students enjoyed hearing about microbes, and the kids even got to see some of the bugs that he works with!   Hunter Bradford, another 6th grader from Ms.Kriessler’s class, said “To be honest, it’s pretty fun and educational. I am hearing about careers I never knew about before. I always wanted to be an officer, but now my thoughts have changed”.

Career day was the brain child of Morgan Nelms, EUMS Ag teacher, and Gayle Polk, 6th grade guidance counselor.  They wanted to show students some of the awesome career fields that are available, and perhaps inspire a future biotech engineer!




Ryleigh Clayborn & Juliet Plue, 8th grade