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Women's Initiative Program presents at EUMS

On January 29th, 2018, presenters from the Women’s Initiative Program at MIT shared their knowledge and personal experiences about STEM with girls at East Union. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Women make up only about 24% of all jobs in this career field. Lisa Tang is a major in mechanical engineering and spoke about all the cool opportunities and varieties in her chosen field. She talked about a cheetah robot that they have at MIT. It is a robotic structure that can walk on its own and sense obstacles. Amber VanHemel showed us a homemade vortex air gun made using a trashcan, shower curtain, and some tape. There is a hole on the bottom and, when hit, stimulates a vortex that shoots air for a few yards’ distance!

Their goal was to educate and empower girls and show them that they are just as capable of being in the STEM field as anyone else. They talked about the professors they’ve had who’ve done things like won a science achievement medal from Barack Obama, or discovered the very base of the Earth’s food chain. 8th grader, Keniston Mullis, said, “It was very inspirational! It made me think of new careers in my horizon and gave me a new approach at STEM jobs.” 8th grader, Ryleigh Clayborn, said, “It was a lot of fun, and very interesting. It opened my eyes to all my possibilities.” A very, very big thank you to Lisa Tang and Amber VanHemel for doing a wonderful job of encouraging the females at EUMS!

Juliet Plue, 8th grade broadcast student