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7th Grade Social Studies is Bringing Learning to Life

Students in 7th Grade social studies classes are bringing their learning to life with active simulations!  Simulations in the social studies classrooms at East Union Middle School provide opportunities for students to act out historical events, human social behavior, and economic principles using game-like play.

Most recently, Mrs. Hill and Mr. Giblin led students in acting out the “Columbian Exchange”. This was a time period that marked the beginning of trade between the “Old World” of Europe and the “New World” of North America. Without this system of trade, Native Americans would never have had horses; Italians would never have had tomatoes! Can you imagine western cowboys traveling only on foot or Italian spaghetti or pizza with no sauce?

According to The Association of Middle Level Education*, successful middle grades classrooms engage students in “active, purposeful learning where the curriculum is challenging and exploratory, and where educators use multiple learning and teaching approaches.” Based on this research, East Union Middle School is regularly adding top-quality interactive experiences to our already rigorous curriculum to prepare students for 21st century success!


*Source - RMLE Online—Volume 35, No. 7

Michelle Hill, 7th Grade Teacher