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Young author visits EUMS students

During the COVID-19 quarantine many students used the time to relax, watch Netflix, or dabble on social media.  Thomas McDowell used the time to pen his first book, The Story of Isaac: The Story of Discovery and Friendship. 

Thomas's mother, East Union 8th grade math teacher Christina McDowell, credits his 9th grade English teacher at Cuthbertson High, Dr. Weycker, with inspiring him to write.   Mrs. McDowell said, "My Thomas thought he hated ELA until he met Dr. Weycker at Cuthbertson High School in 9th grade. She was a published author who made him love writing, long story short he wrote a book during quarantine...this one teacher changed my sons outlook on life."

Thomas, who is now a junior at Cuthbertson High, spoke to East Union 8th graders this week about his experience writing his book and having it published.

You can find Thomas's book on Amazon.