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What Seeds Need

On Monday October 15th the entire first grade got to experience a hands on lesson on What Seeds Need. The past several weeks during science, students have been learning about living and non-living things. Previous to the presentation students focused on the requirement a living thing needs to grow and survive.

Ms. Sloggy with the Union County Soil and Water Conservation District came to show the students a What Seeds Need presentation. The students got to touch several different seed types including beans, pumpkin seeds, and acorns, among others. Ms. Sloggy also gave all the students a chance to grow like a seed by having students pretend to be a seed, sprout, seedling, flower, and fruit through interactive movement.

Ms. Sloggy was able to bring the learning to life and the first grade students enjoyed the science lesson she presented. Students were also amazed at the different ways we see STEM in jobs right here in our county!


First graders participating in the show.