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1st graders published authors

In October, Ms. Selvidio’s class had the chance to become published authors.  First grade learned all about nonfiction and living during the month of October.  Ms. Selvidio worked with and ordered a book publishing kit to use as an ending project for this unit. 

After lots of reading, writing and observations of living and nonliving things the first grade classes went on a field trip to Aw Shucks Farm. During the trip students had the chance to see farm animals like cows and goats and learned all about these animals from the farmers.  They were also able to see corn and find out all the ways it is used.

            After this trip each student in Ms. Selvidio’s class wrote about their experience, edited their writing piece and finally wrote their final draft on the special paper that would be mailed off to make their book.  Each student had one page of writing and one illustration in the book.  On December 3 the books arrived and the students celebrated becoming published authors by having a fun class party.  There is now a copy of their class book in Fairview Elementary’s library. 

          Here’s what some of the students had to say about being an author;

Jacob -  “This is the best writing I’ve ever done!” Yaryna – “I can’t believe my story and picture are in a real book.” Austin – “These pages are just like the books in our room.  They feel the same.  I can’t wait to show my parents.”


Mrs. Selvidio's class celebrating their newly published book.