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It's a Jungle Out There

Second grade recently took a trip to Matthews Playhouse to enjoy a performance of The Jungle Book.  The musical was full of colorful costumes and energetic characters.  Some characters were running up and down the isles as others were turning cartwheels.  Christian Boyd said, I loved watching the characters, they were so funny.”  The performance was an hour of thrills and laughter.  Taelynn Austin stated that her favorite part of the play was the sword Mowgli carried because it had a lot of pretty jewels on it.  When the students returned to school, each one wrote about their favorite character and gave reasons supporting their choice.  Field trips are so fun and give students a chance to experience new and exciting adventures with their classmates.  Attending the Matthews Playhouse is a 2nd grade tradition that did not disappoint. 


2nd graders waiting for the show to begin

Mrs. Erving's class was excited to see the show.

Misty Tarlton, Second Grade Teacher