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What's Happening in Mr. Parker's Classroom?

Mr Parker’s Class have continued to work with their Reading Buddies in Kindergarten, where we provide ‘expert’ coaching, mentoring and a friend to our friends in kindergarten! We absolutely love going down to visit you and see how you are growing as readers and as Wildcats! Keep up your great work Kindergarten, you are reading wonderfully!

In our Science, Ecosystems Unit, we were busy dissecting something verrrry interesting from our local environment, ask a 5th grader for more details about what we were dissecting and what we found in there, trust me it’s worth the conversation! No doubt they will tell you that it was “absolutely disgusting”, yet the hands-on discoveries we made helped us to bring our work on Food Chains and Food Webs to life!

 Math is also an incredibly busy time for us as we move from our work with fractions into the world of decimals. It’s wonderful when you hear the phrase “wait, decimals are literally the same as fractions”, it’s the little things like this that make teaching 5th grade so challenging and fun! We have been using a variety of manipulatives to represent our work and using real-life word problems that involve Mr Parker’s quest to split the cost of trash bags and laundry detergent between 3 roommates, to make our work relevant and interesting! Great work guys, you are really great at showing your drawings, which we know is a great strategy to think deeper and make better connections within our Math!

5th graders learning something new.

Scott Parker, Fifth Grade Teacher