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Mrs. Cameron's fifth graders are working hard.

Mrs. Cameron’s class is learning about body systems in science. We learned the parts of the systems and how the systems work together. We had a gross demonstration lesson about the digestive system! We watched Goldfish crackers and a banana go through the digestive system starting at the mouth and ending at the….well, you know how it ends! We also learned about the parts of the respiratory system and became human alveoli and bronchial tubes. Science is fun!

In social studies, we are learning about how the United States expanded from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. We love the story of Lewis and Clark and their faithful canine companion, Seaman. We were saddened to read about the Trail of Tears. We did research to learn about an event from that time period. Some students selected the California Gold Rush, some chose to study the Alamo, and others studied the Oregon Trail. We learned a lot about westward expansion, but decided we are glad that we did not live back then!

5th graders really getting into learning about the human body

5th graders are learning about the human body.