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Wags and Whiskers Club Has Special Guests!

On Thursday, October 24, the Wags and Whiskers Club had very special guests! Justice and Officer Walden from the Union County Sheriffs' Office came to visit the club. Justice is a one year old Bloodhound and his job is to track and locate missing persons. His handler, Officer Walden, is also Justice's caregiver. They both train weekly and will continue throughout Justice's career. It was a fun day of learning about how dogs help our community. The one rule Officer Walden wanted the club members to remember was to always ask permission before petting any animal. Cade Henderson said, "This was the best day ever. Justice was so big and nice." Alaina Tucker said, "It was fun because Justice is so cute and reminds me of my dog." 

Wags and Whiskers is an afterschool club to help students learn the importance of animals in our community and how to show respect to all animals.

Misty Tarlton
(704) 753-2800