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First Grade Helps A Local Wildlife Rescue Organization

In November,  58 first grade students completed a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity where they helped a local wildlife rescue, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR). Students started this PBL by researching 6 local animals that Carolina Waterfowl Rescue helps. Students used digital and print resources to research and recorded what they learned on graphic organizers. To kick off first grade's outreach project, a volunteer from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, Betsy Wallace, came to Fairview to tell students how her organization helps wildlife in the community. She brought a rooster, hen, two ducks, and a bunny, and talked about each animal and why they were at the rescue. She shared the two major problems the rescue faces, which are their needs for volunteers and donations. All students were given the chance to help solve this problem, and their decision was to reach out to our community online. The slide show was done completely by the students. They worked in table teams to complete their assigned slide. First, students wrote out their information in small groups, then added it to their slide. Then they did their own spelling and grammar editing. They even added pictures. We are so proud of our students for their effort to help wildlife in our community.

Emily Selvidio