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Fifth Graders Visit Wingate University

On December 3rd, we went to Future Bulldog Day at Wingate University. We had the opportunity to view the campus and listen to what life is like in college. When we got there, the first thing we did was go into the auditorium high fiving the basketball players. When the presentation started, the athletic director came out and talked about the school and introduced himself. Then he brought up 2 students: one was a football player and the other was a track runner, and they talked about how life was like when they had to make time for their sports. Then they asked two other students to talk about their daily schedule and activities on campus. After that, they introduced the basketball players and they came running down and gave us encouraging words. Then the cheerleaders came and taught us several cheers to do at the game. After we got dismissed, we went and took a big group picture with the whole fifth grade. Finally, we went to the gym and they gave us pizza and water. Then we saw the cheerleaders and headed up to our seats. We had to wait an hour before the game started, so many people had the same idea as we did to go to the concessions before the game started (not a good idea because it took forever). The game started and the Bulldogs took the lead into the half. At the half, they brought some kids from other schools to put on big jerseys and they had a relay race. The second half started and Lenoir Rhyne started to creep back into the game. The final score was 73 to 67, and the Bulldogs won! After that, we headed back to the bus and left. We had so much fun!

Avery, Drake, Henry and Savannah