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Moment of Music with Mrs. Sloan

Fairview's music teacher, Mrs. Maegan Sloan, has created a Facebook page to stay connected with students and their families during the COVID-19 school closure. It is called Moment of Music with Mrs. Sloan. At this time she has created 20 video episodes from her home. These episodes feature her and sometimes her cute dog Miles playing different musical instruments and singing. She has used technology so creatively in her episodes. She frequently uses the green screen feature, and she has even created a book with her own Bitmoji reading it! Currently, Moment of Music with Mrs. Sloan has hundreds of followers and her videos have thousands of views! Thank you, Mrs. Sloan, for sharing music, creativity and learning with us all during this time away from school. These videos can be seen on the Facebook page she created as well as the Fairview Facebook page.

Judy Dawson